British Columbia continues to invite new immigrants through the BC PNP program

B.C. issued 407 invitations to eligible candidates during the September 15 PNP draw.

The pandemic has been detrimental for immigration all over Canada, but the provinces are doing their best to continue inviting eligible candidates who will be able to benefit from the labor market. PNP programs continue to be popular than ever across provinces when it comes to acquiring new talent specifically needed for the workforce there. British Columbia, in particular, has been very active when it comes to organizing draws and distributing invitations.

On September 15, 2020, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or BC-PNP distributed invitations to apply among skilled registrants.  This was followed by another BC-PNP draw on November 17, specifically through the BC-PNP Tech Pilot program, which saw an additional 76 provincial nominations sent out.

B.C. is expected to invite over 67,800 people through the B.C. PNP program this year.

Requirements for the BC-PNP draw on September 15

This provincial nominee program draw targeted candidates belonging to the Express Entry BC and Skills Immigration streams. Specific categories such as Skilled Workers, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled and International Graduates were given preference in the draw. Due to the impact of the coronavirus on various businesses, certain professions had to be excluded.

The minimum score requirement for this tech draw was in the range of 75-95 points for applicants. This means that the minimum requirement varied across the various categories and streams, and we are summing it below:

  • EEBC Skilled Worker: 94
  • EEBC International Graduate: 95
  • SI Skilled Worker: 94
  • SI International Graduate: 95
  • SI Entry Level and Semi-Skilled: 75

British Columbia often holds weekly draws. In 2020, the province has already issued more than 6,000 invitations to apply for candidates who are interested in getting a provincial nomination. Both regular PNP draws as well as Tech Pilot draws are contributing to this growth.

Applying for BC-PNP immigration program

Candidates who have set up a valid profile under the Express Entry system operated by the federal government are the ones who can apply via the EEBC category.

The Express Entry system is one of the most popular ways by which skilled immigrants can become permanent residents in Canada. If they manage to secure a provincial nomination, they have 600 points added to their CRS score, which proves to be a huge advantage for securing permanent residence.

On the other hand, the SI category targets those skilled and semi-skilled workers who work in high-demand professions in Canada. Since the Canadian economy largely depends on immigrants, a constant supply of skilled labor is essential for facilitating the growth of provincial markets.

All the categories under the BC PNP are under the control of the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). Candidates planning to apply via the SIRS must make an account to start the process.  They will have to provide all the necessary information, after which they can be assigned a score. You can work across different fields and still be eligible to apply. The immigration categories under the SIRS usually demand that candidates have job offers in the province.

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