How to get Canadian Citizenship for U.S. born Children

As a Canadian, you do not have to panic if your child was born outside Canada in the United States. You are eligible to pass on your citizenship to your child – the process is simple and not time-consuming. Our future citizens should face no problem. As long as one of the biological or legal parents is a Canadian citizen, this process will be applicable.

What is the process for Canadian Citizenship?

Your U.S.-born children will get their citizenship status after you submit your application for a Proof of Citizenship. This document is also known as the Canadian citizenship certificate. It authorizes your right to pass on citizenship to the first generation born somewhere beyond the Canadian borders. Each application will cost you about $75 CAD, and you will have to wait for a few months for the completion of the processing. In most cases, IRCC processes the applications in five months.

However, if you need it in a hurry, you can claim an emergency and have the IRCC expedite the process. Once the final certificate reaches you, Canada will give your child the same benefits as other citizens receive.

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You should be careful and cautious during the application process – the slightest mistake can delay it for a few months. You will have to provide the original birth certificate of the child, which mentions the name of the Canadian parents clearly. Moreover, IRCC will require proof of the parent’s Canadian citizenship, like a birth certificate. Getting the document proofs can take a while. For instance, you will need a police clearance certificate.

IRCC is flexible in the sense that it accepts birth records and documents to confirm the name of the parent – if it is not mentioned in the birth certificate. All the documents should be colored and easily legible. IRCC sends an “acknowledgment of receipt” once they receive the completed application.

An RCIC is usually a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and is eligible to give you valuable advice about immigration. They help applicants go through the immigration system, and ensure that they make the right choices for themselves. RCIC-s are licensed and you can look to them as a final authority on the subject of immigration and its laws. RCIC-s can make the process carefree for you as experts in the Canadian visa System.

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