In-demand jobs in Canada for 2021

With the second wave stabilizing, Canada is adapting to a ‘new normal’ and making plans for the future. With shuttered businesses and heavy lay-offs, the situation seems hopeless but as Canada recovers, there is a growing need for skilled people in various high-demand jobs.

One of the biggest undeniable impacts from COVID has been seen and felt on the workforce. The usually vibrant and busy downtowns of every city turned into ghost towns. The culture of the 9 to 5 office day shifted almost overnight. While, others adapted to the new reality relying on technology for their daily functions.

Economists are predicting that the second half of 2021 will be strong for Canada’s economy and that the market will be stronger than anticipated.  it is well known that a strong economy is dependent on strong, skilled workers who must be rehired for many jobs and skills in high demand. This is great news for people seeking employment.

Most in-demand jobs in 2021:

According to Randstad Canada, a human resources consulting firm, plenty of job opportunities are becoming available for individuals. Some of the high-demand occupations of 2021 are:

Administrative Assistant: Many departments have become incredibly busy as they navigate the pandemic and administrative assistants have become essential as they provide support.

Customer Service Representative: With many businesses going virtual and online shopping becoming the norm, customer service is more important than ever, especially good service as people are already feeling distressed and anxious over the pandemic.

Driver: The importance of drivers cannot be stated enough. With everything from food to groceries to medicine being delivered right to our doors, drivers are very much in high demand. As vaccine roll out increases, drivers will become even more essential.

Registered Nurse: Nurses have always been in short supply and this was never more apparent than during the pandemic. Randstad estimates that approximately 60,000 nurses will be needed by 2022 to help with an ageing population as well as regular medical procedures.

General Labourer: There is never a time when a general labourer is not in demand. Basic skilled work in construction, logistics, gardening, etc. are always sought-after.

Electrical Engineer: The most important part of remote work or staying connected with family and friends through the pandemic? Electricity. Skilled electrical engineers, especially those with additional skills such as writing and project management are very much in demand right now.

Software developer: There is an app for almost everything. Programs are evolving and new software is being launched all the time. A good software developer is key for ecommerce businesses and other companies.

HR Manager: The business of hiring, firing and drafting human resource policies such as working from home, sick leave, health and safety etc. is an important aspect of any business or company and HR Managers are needed to navigate all these complexities.

Financial Advisor: A significant percentage of the Canadian population is struggling financially or feeling insecure. Many people lost their jobs, many had to dip into their savings or retirement funds etc. as they try to plan for their futures, individuals will turn to a professional to help them figure out next steps.

If you have a desire to move to Canada, now is a really great time to hone your special skills or take a few courses or a certification in a high demand occupation. Canada has outlined a desire to increase the number of newcomers it welcomes into the country.

Canada needs immigrants and you could be one of them.

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