Provincial Nominee Program: Outlook for third Week of August

Results for Manitoba’s PNP draw released as Alberta holds its largest PNP draw yet. B.C. keeps busy and holds four draws while Ontario targets international students in graduate programs. A combined total of 1,585 immigration candidates are now one step closer to becoming permanent residents. 

Manitoba holds new PNP draw: 275 candidates invited 

The newest draw in Manitoba brings up the total number of invitations issued to 6,789 

The province of Manitoba held a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draw on August 12, 2021, and issued invitations to 275 immigration candidates. 

Selected candidates can now submit their application for a provincial nomination. If the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) approves their application, they will be eligible for rounds of invitations held by IRCC. 

The Expression of Interest (EOI) score requirement for the draw, varied depending on the stream. 

Draw results at a glance: 

StreamsNumber of LAAs IssuedMin. Score Required
Skilled Workers in Manitoba238454
International Education Stream31None Required
Skilled Workers Overseas6719
Total 275 

36 of the 275 invitations or Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) were issued to Express Entry candidates. 

Candidates who wish to be considered for a PNP draw in Manitoba, need to create and register an EOI with the MPNP. The profiles are evaluated and given a score out of 1,000. 

No score was required for the Education stream. 

Throughout 2021, Manitoba has held regular draws and issued a total of 6,789 invitations to eligible candidates. Many of these candidates are expected to receive their permanent residency by the end of the year. 

New PNP draw held in Alberta, largest to date 

396 invitations were issued by the province making it Alberta’s largest draw of 2021 

Alberta held a PNP draw on August 10, 2021, and issued invitations to 396 Express Entry candidates. 

In order to be eligible for the draw, candidates had to have a minimum CRS score of 300. The candidates who received an invitation from the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) can now eligible to apply for a provincial nomination under Alberta’s Express Entry stream. 

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) requirement for this draw was the same as the last AINP draw, held on July 27, 2021, but more than double the number of invitations were issued. 

Aside from meeting the scoring requirement, for a candidate to successfully receive a nomination through the Alberta Express Entry stream, they must demonstrate they have work experience in one of the province’s eligible occupations.  

For 2021, Alberta’s allocation for nomination certificates is 6,250. So far this year, the province has issued a total of 3,157 invitations. If they want to use up their entire allocation, Alberta will need to start issuing over 700 invitations per month, until the end of the year. 

In 2020, the province temporarily stopped holding draws, mainly due to the pandemic, and ended the year with 4,000 nominations. 

The increased allocation for 2021 is meant to balance the lower numbers from last year. 

Skilled workers and entrepreneurs among those invited in new B.C. PNP draw 

Four PNP draws were held by the province of British Columbia on August 17

August 17, 2021 was a very busy day for B.C. as the province held four Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws in one day! 

A total of 435 immigration candidates were selected by British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) to apply for a provincial nomination. 

The first two draws were no different than the ones B.C. has been holding since February 2021. One is a general draw while the second one is targeted towards restaurant and foodservice managers as well as retail and wholesale-retail managers. 

For both draws, candidates were selected from the Skills Immigration (SI) and Express Entry BC (EEBC) streams. 

Draw results at a glance (NOC 0621 and 0631 not included) 

SI – Skilled Worker 91
SI – International Graduate78
SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled73
EEBC – Skilled Worker88
EEBC – International Graduate76
Total Invitations 363

And the second draw for NOC 0621 and O631 resulted in 64 candidates with scores of 106, receiving an invitation. 

What was different about this draw was that the remainder of the invitations went to candidates from the Entrepreneur Immigration Base category and the Regional Pilot category. 

Since the beginning of 2021, British Columbia has held regular weekly PNP draws and has issued over 7,527 invitations through various streams and categories. 

First PNP draw for Masters and PhD grads held by Ontario 

Candidates from the two immigration programs were eligible in Ontario’s latest round of invitation 

Masters Graduate and Ph.D. Graduates were invited by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), for the first time ever since the province’s immigration intake system was revamped. 

A total of 479 international student graduates received invitations during the August 18, 2021 draw to apply for a provincial nomination. 

402 of the invitations went to candidates under the Master’s Graduate stream. In order to be eligible, candidates need to sign up through the province’s e-Filing Portal and register an Expression of Interest (EOI) for their graduate stream. 

For the Master’s stream, candidates had to meet a minimum EOI score of 39. 

The remaining 77 invitations went to those in the Ph.D. Graduate stream who had a minimum EOI score of 17 or more. 

Applicants who successfully receive a provincial nomination will automatically be awarded an additional 600 points on their existing CRS score. The high score will get them one step closer to receiving a nomination from IRCC. 

Because the federal government has to hold frequent PNP and CEC specific draws, there is a high probability these candidates could receive an Invitation to Apply (ITAs) from IRCC in the coming months. 

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