New job opportunities for Canadians as the unemployment rate drops to 6%

In the month of November 2021, the unemployment rate reaches a low of 6%. Canada adds 154,000 new jobs.

Unemployment rate in Canada drops to 6% in November 

Job opportunities see a rise beyond expectations as Canada adds 154,000 jobs 

One of the most tell-tale signs of a healthy economy is when the rate of unemployment goes down. 

Canada’s labor force data shows us that unemployment is quickly dropping to its pre-pandemic levels. The 6% rate is within 0.3% of its February 2020 levels. 

Job growth is also exceeding expectations and predictions suggesting that it won’t be long before Canada is well on its way to recovering economically from the challenges of the pandemic. 

Even with the job growth and lower unemployment rate, Canada is still experiencing labor shortages, especially in some key industries and sectors such as retail, health care, and hospitality.  

In fact, back in September, approximately one million jobs across the country were vacant and in need of employees. Employers are also looking to retain employees so many companies are increasing salaries and adding benefits for a more attractive offer. 

This is fantastic news for individuals looking to immigrate to Canada because there aren’t enough people to fill certain crucial roles. Often these occupations require very little formal education or experience and can be learned on the job. 

If Canada has always been a dream, now is the perfect time to apply. 

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