CIC WEEKLY covers the most relevant immigration news for hopeful newcomers to Canada. By emphasizing accessible, up-to-date information, we provide quality content that sheds light on immigration laws and policies, providing you or your loved ones with the information you need.

As Canada strategically increases its population through immigration programs that boost the economy, we bring the most relevant and current updates to program applicants. From new laws to immigration deadlines and expertise, we cover what is most important so that you stay one step ahead.

Because we understand that immigration can be a long, confusing, and tedious process, we also provide insights from RCIC service providers to assist our readers. CIC WEEKLY is your frontline news source for the latest developments that can help make your immigration dream a reality.

Our team

Our writing team consists of immigrants who came to Canada through a variety of immigration programs. Armed with firsthand knowledge, they have a rich and personal understanding of the Canadian immigration process, and understand your most pressing questions and concerns about what it entails. 

Rebecca Morin


Nadia N.

Content Writer


Content Writer

Rebecca, 30, is a Editor-in-Chief, Content Creator, and content writer and managing social media platforms.

She hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She is amazed at the power and influence the web has on everyday life along with its impact on how people make decisions.

Providing quality, impactful, and professional materials are here goal.


Nadia N. is a Writer and Contributor at CIC Weekly.  

Nadia studied Political Science and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa and currently works for the Federal Government.

Her freelancing at CIC Weekly combines two of her passions, writing (she is the author of a children’s book) and immigration.Her interest in immigration was ignited by watching her father work as an immigration and settlement counselor, helping immigrants navigate and adjust to their new lives in Canada.

The child of immigrants herself, Nadia came to Canada at the age of six. She witnessed first-hand her parents’ struggles, hard work and eventual realization of the Canadian Dream.Nadia understands the challenges and excitement that comes with starting afresh in a new country. Being able to provide support and information for people like her own family, is just one of the many reasons why she loves writing for CIC Weekly.

Moving to Canada changed her entire life for the better and she hopes that everyone who wants that opportunity has the chance to realize their dreams.


Steve is a Writer and Contributor at CIC Weekly.  

He studied Journalism & Marketing at the Vancouver Film School.

His goal to help people navigate the complex Canadian immigration system motivates him to create engaging and comprehensive content and investigate immigration programs and policies in Canada.

He is passionate about providing a comprehensive view of all Canadian immigration programs through writing frequent content for