Express Entry

CEC candidates invited in latest Express Entry draw: CRS 400

Express Entry candidates with a CRS score of 400 eligible in new CEC-specific draw. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held a draw on April 29, 2021 for Express Entry candidates. Following the draw, 6,000 individuals from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) received an invitation to apply for their permanent residency. The minimum score requirement was 400, the…
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Express Entry

5,000 candidates invited in new CEC - only draw

Canada gets one step closer to meeting its 2021 target of welcoming 108,500 newcomers into the country through Express-Entry managed programs. March 18 2021 was another big draw day for Canada as 5,000 Express Entry candidates received invitations to apply for permanent…
Express Entry

CRS drops to 432 in new Express Entry draw

The CRS score dropped for a third time in April 1st in CEC only draw held by IRCC with 5000 invitation to apply and CRS of 432. Finishing up a fantastic first quarter which saw record levels of invitations being issued by IRCC, April began with a brand-new…